•    Colours and shapes that look good together in the palm of your hand will always be able to be made into a stylish jewellery design.
•    Good quality jewellery wire and finishing products can sometimes be more important than the beads, a piece that sits well will always look better than a piece that doesn't.
•    Compliment your jewellery design with a clasp that matches the shape of the bead for example, oval clasp with oval beads.
•    If making a random jewellery design with lots of different beads, sometimes a bead board can be a waste of time. If it looks good as you thread it up, it will be great (check the design approx. every 4cm if not confident).

Keep all your tools together in a handy tool box.
•    A good set of cutters can be your most important tool
•    Bead mats are a great idea to stop beads sliding off your working surface.

•    Bead mats are a great idea to stop beads sliding off your working surface.
•    Use a bust when making a complicated necklace, it will be much easier to get it to sit right.
•    Check your length before finishing jewellery designs, it can be expensive to re-thread.
•    Always remove open jump rings (where possible), and use permanent connectors (such as jump locks or wire wrapped loop technique) to make your design more secure.

Problem Solving

Necklace is too short:
Add an extension chain or wire wrapped beads to extend.
Re-thread, Cut the necklace near the clasp and re-use the jewellery wire for a bracelet.

There are not enough beads for the length of the jewellery design I want to make:
Add complementary beads to the design, either at the back or include as part of the design /
Add some chain to either side of the design at the back.

My bead is chipped near the hole but I still want to use it:
Cover the chip on the bead with a bead cap/rondel or another bead if possible.
Use the bead at the back of a necklace.

My bead has a large hole and does not sit straight when threaded:
Thread a smaller bead either side that will sit inside the hole and help to straighten.

My bead slides off the end of the headpin:
If a bead has a hole too big for the head pin use a cap/daisy or smaller bead before the larger bead.