About us

Fantasy Fashion was founded in 1985 by Mr. Karlheinz Fehringer. He developed his passion in creating beautiful designs when he travelled to remote places of Asia and came in contact with the natives.

He fell in love with their handicrafts and designs of traditional jewelry. Embedded in an original natural environment with an intact fauna and flora surrounding them, he got fascinated with how the natives lived in balance with nature and their creativity in producing artifacts made of all kinds of natural resources.

For 35 years, it has been our passion to create fine jewelry components which are not limited to just a few materials. Thanks to Ms. Maricel Fehringer our Creative Director and Manager for her creative mind in coming up with our recent designs that made us keep up with the fashion jewelry trade.

Despite many obstacles, we have consistently been on the lead of wholesale supplies of exquisite components for accomplished jewelry designers around the world. Since 1985 we have created various component designs using the abundant natural materials like shells, wood, coco, stones, seeds, pearls, silver, metal, bones, leather and resin which can color, inlay, carve, combine and assemble as beads in various shapes and sizes.

We honor individuality of every client by putting high importance in every detail of each component we produce so they can achieve their intended jewelry design.

Our goal is to provide multifarious components at a fairly good price. Also, we make sure to produce the finest components available with an ongoing commitment to protect and support only responsible use of our natural resources. Existing and upcoming extremely beautiful components will be shown at more than 10 international trade fairs all over Europe.